About 1MarketView Tiger

1MarketView Tiger is a real time stock and share market software specifically designed for real time traders who use intra-day data to transact in real time throughout the trading day. More than a simple data feed, 1MarketView Tiger combines the information, charting tools, live market watch and technical analysis you need into a single dashboard that is customized to the way you work. You can use the many pre-defined screens to view the content you use most often. Whether you're an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, 1MarketView Tiger helps you succeed



Powerful Stock Market Scanners

  • Live Scanner: Scans the Stock Market for new Highs and lows for the day, week, month, 2 months and year. F & O Stocks are scanned for News highs & lows.
  • Trend Scanner: Scans the Market for stocks that are trading Bullish or Bearish based on user selection from a list of 6 different criteria for each. It also scans for % OI gainers and losers
  • Resistance & Support Stock watch: Stocks breaching Resistance or support levels automatically get included in this watch list
  • Unusual Volume: Stocks that are trading up or down on unusually high volumes further qualified by whether they are small or mid or large cap stocks
  • Intra-day recovery/fall: Stocks that have recovered most from the intra-day low and Stocks that have fallen most from intra-day high.
  • Opportunity Finder: Scans the Market for opportunities based on a combination of three user selected criteria like 1Year Return, Outperforming Index, and Turnover etc.
  • Top Stocks: Top Gainers, Top losers, Volume leaders and Turnover toppers. For Cash & Futures separately
  • Circuit Breakers: Symbols touching the upper and lower circuit filters set by the exchange each day
  • Only Buyers / Sellers: Stocks that have only buyers or only sellers
  • Alerts: Users can set Price/Volume/Changealerts for a stock and view status at the Centralized Alert management tool. Alerts can be set to Expire by End of Day / Week / Month.
  • Note: Most scanners can be set to an index Group or a user created Market Watch.

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