About 1MarketView Tiger

1MarketView Tiger is a real time stock and share market software specifically designed for real time traders who use intra-day data to transact in real time throughout the trading day. More than a simple data feed, 1MarketView Tiger combines the information, charting tools, live market watch and technical analysis you need into a single dashboard that is customized to the way you work. You can use the many pre-defined screens to view the content you use most often. Whether you're an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, 1MarketView Tiger helps you succeed



Detailed Market Watch

  • 1MarketView provides users with a choice of pre-defined and user created Market watch.
  • Pre-defined Market watch includes:
  • All Indices like Nifty, CNX 100, and Bank Nifty etc.
  • Sector-wise Market Watch like Oil & Gas, Automobiles etc
  • Other like ETF and so on
  • Multiple user created Market Watch
  • Allows 500 scrips per Market watch depending on Entitlement
  • Over 25 Data Fields
  • Predefined column background colors for LTP, Bid, Ask and T.Volume
  • Powerful scrip search function
  • Addition of scrips at desired row positions
  • Search scrips inside Market watch through type ahead
  • Column sort and re-order scrips
  • Up / Down arrow, Page Up and Page Down, Del keys function
  • Announcement Indicator next to Scrip
  • Extensive customization feature includes
  • Alternate row colors, Font type, color and size
  • Add/removeresize, re-order columns
  • Column level customization
  • Restore defaults
  • Auto scroll
  • Export to XL
  • Option to permanently save changes
  • Personalization Features
  • User defined circuit filters (2 levels up and 2 levels down)
  • User defined colors for flashing of cells – LTP, Bid / Ask
  • Special Feature:
  • DDE to XL and also Open office Calc
  • Mouse Tracking pop up displays relevant scrip data

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