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Location : CDP India Pvt LTD

Date : 19th March 2016

More on Seminar: Derivatives market has two segments; Futures and Options. Futures trading is easy with two straight strategy as bullish (buy) or bearish (sell). If your view goes right, you make money or else lose money. Also it’s not easy since sometimes investors do not know when to exit. Futures trading is risky particularly in view of increased lot size effective Nov 2015

Options trading is at advanced level and provides opportunities to work with multiple strategies to limit the downside risk and maximize profit potential.

Currently 80%+ volume is generated in Options and that too most of it in index (NIFTY, BANK NIFTY) options. It is absolutely necessary for the investors to understand all the facets of options trading; concepts, strategies and practical approach; so to say get qualified to trade options. You can use non-directional hedging strategies with winning trades irrespective of market being up, down or flat. If you are a novice trader, you can trade Options even with a small capital. 


Trainer Details : Ajay Shukla

Ajay Shukla is Chartered Accountant, retired from a multi-national company and now practicing as CA. He is a rank holder of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and gold medallist at graduation. He has passion for trading and continuing research in Options segment. He has developed special Options hedging strategies, which help the traders to maximize the profits. The research hedging strategies are time proven and expected to earn consistent profits with high success rate. The approach is “Manage Risk, Returns will follow”



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"Simple but informative"

 -Anand Mody 


"Being new to Future & Options, the seminar gave me some greate basic concepts"

-Somnath Majumdar

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