Ichimoku Study

options trading



1. Two full-day Workshop



     Day 1         

  1. History and meaning of Ichimoku
  2. Settings and definition
  3. Identifying the Trend
  4. Identifying Support/Resistance
  5. Entry and Exit signals

Day 2


  1. How to trade based on Ichimoku
  2. Case Studies of various charts
  3. Mastering “plan your trade and trade your plan”


2.The Mastery Program ( Duration varies  from 3 to 6 months)

The Mastery program is based on the 4 pillars for successful trading.



Topic Description

Pillar 1

Establishing the context of trading


Discovering what framework you are presently operating from. The CONTEXT OF MAKING MONEY will be instilled over your limiting present framework

Pillar 2

Study of specialized technical analysis

Different method of trading in trending & non trending markets.

Different strategies for taking breakout and pull back trades

Pillar 3

Mind Management

Attributes/ Skills/habits/ Discipline/Operating Practices, Trading Principles- will be developed to be a master trader

Pillar 4 

Money Management

PLAN YOUR TRADE AND TRADE YOUR PLAN will be imparted on you.

How you arrive at the right Stop- Loss and Target levels


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