About 1MarketView Cheetah

1MarketView Cheetah is a technical analysis tool that provides live stock market data  which allows you to create basic to complex studies within seconds using our built in strategy builder tool. Moreover, features like real time stock scanners, back testing, optimization allows you to refine you studies further. Advance charting tools to analyze the market, live market watch to see best and worst performers and more!

1Marketview Cheetah Tabs

Charting Tools

Charting Tools

  • Advanced Trend Lines and Charting tools available
  • Scan any desired scrip according the built queries
  • Freeze any signal on a bar

     List Of Line Tools Available:

        a.   Trend Line

        b.     Horizontal Line

        c.     Vertical Line

        d.     Retracement

        e.     Channel

        f.      Fibonacci Cycle

        g.     Price Extension

        h.     Long 3 bar

        i.      Short 3 bar

        j.       Rectangle 

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